You are enough: How to Enjoy Happiness in a Busy Metropolitan City

You are enough, but some people aren’t

You are enough, you don’t have the urge too much about life. Except for one thing: enjoying happiness mindfully. However, reaching happiness seem challenging recently. Especially if you live in a metropolitan or megapolitan city. Alas, more people are craving it, more people are taking the wrong direction to pursue it.

Setting the real goal in life is different from being greedy to get everything. Enjoying every step of the process towards your goal is essential. But make sure you won’t cross the boundary.

Recharge your mind and enjoy the happiness in simple ways

Everyone works hard in daily lives, with a stressful job, busier environment, and financial problems. It gets us overwhelmed and very tired. A psychologist, Nina Smiley, Ph.D. showed us that we can be triggered by stress in our daily life. It’s important to keep being present and stop thinking about work could help us reach meaningful happiness.

Whether you live in a metropolitan city or not, these 5 things should make you aware that you need to strive your happiness and feel you are enough in this life:

1. Avoid burnout

You may notice the signs in your body. Maybe you feel headache, insomnia, difficult to control anger, any signs you might find will be an alert for you. All you need to avoid this burnout and keep your sanity is breaking from your boring routine. Consider to take one or two days off, so you can get your body and mind recovered.

2. Sweet escape, sweet trip

You might think that unplugging your head from work can be effective by taking a vacation to please yourself. It’s true and still be the on the list of people when they want to do a recreational getaway. Plan your journey and have fun.

3. Simple yet effective place around us

You can’t go for a vacation because of the tight schedule in workdays, no holiday, or it’s just too expensive to take a trip. What’s the solution? Well, you don’t have to go to a famous recreational place in another town. In your tight schedule, you can spend 30 minutes to hours a day to walk in Greenery Park around your home. Or visit any unusual place to freshen your eyes and your mind as well.

4. Solitude is your friend

Running a while from reality. Hiding in the comfiest place to heal your mind and body.
Going to the quiet library, reading some books, or sitting on the rooftop enjoying sunrise can rejuvenate your boring days.

5. Taking a deep breath

A simple action like deep breathing for three to ten minutes could be helpful. It’s physically and mentally rejuvenating. You can do this in a short time. For example, when you sit on a couch for a coffee break at work. Or when you just enjoy the scenery of buildings and skyscrapers outside the office window.

While you do this relaxation, instill the idea of being enough for everything you have had in life. All achievements make you proud of yourself. Yes. That’s true happiness.

Hey, Good people! You are a master of your own happiness. Keep your life balance up, it’s time to roar your trait with our special clothing line: You are enough t-shirt. Hopefully, it will show who you are.

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