Why “Never Give Up” Attitude Should be in Our Life

Never give up: a must-have attitude

Chasing success is one of the most popular goals for people. It has influenced by personal value and habit. Our value of life made up of our daily habit and culture we’ve experienced. Since we were at a young age. It’s not a battle although we have to get that goal achieved. It is merely an attitude to get a better experience in life. The attitude is called: never give up. This mental strength is part of emotional intelligence (EQ). It doesn’t come for any lucky person. It is teachable. Why we should cultivate this trait every day?

1. The attitude of never give up can be our weapon to handle the good and bad situation we might have in the future.

Either we fall down or raise up high-level in our career or wealth, we can pose our good attitude and positive behavior. You maybe have ever heard someone changes because of being rich. Someone is bragging about his/ her achievement and so ambitious to reach more and more. You don’t have to blindly chase your goal of being a successful person. This ambitious attitude can lead you to the rabbit hole. Even worse, it can deteriorate yourself. That makes you feel unhappy even you have everything in your hand.

Otherwise, there is also someone who has been too fragile to accept the failure. Feeling down easily because of the constraints ahead. The increasing amount of suicide cases is one example of a bad impact because of the lack of mental strength.

2. Because changing the focus from the end goal to the process is a way more realistic.

Since being productive is much better than being ambitious, it matters if you change your point of view by enjoying the process more than anything.

  • Starting from scheduling your plan, implementing, and taking the evaluation. Well, you know your duties will never be done by its own. You have to take time effectively to run each of them.
  • Avoid any irrelevant things and distraction. Manage your task based on priority. While you make it as your habit or your new lifestyle, you can be better.

In a nutshell, setting the focus on process is more realistic as it can be improved every time.

Make it as your habit

Everyone has 24 hours to manage time effectively. And life isn’t always about being a success. Sometimes it is all about being thankful for any small thing in your life. And that’s true happiness.

So, it’s time to change. To renew your old habit. From now on, you can be more productive and add a new lifestyle of never giving up person. And don’t forget to always be grateful person wherever your current position.

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