White Sunday

It was Fine Sunday where 18th anniversary taken place for our church community. As Husband and wife, we had an opportunity to serve as choir and offering bearer.

What’s interesting for me is, we had privilege to serve as an offering bearer right after our marriage. I’ve been praying for someday that I could bring the bearer and that someday come just in time. Anyway, we did not choose what to bring to the altar, we were assigned.

My husband brought a box of offerings which represents labour of human hands. We are to remember that every blessings received are purely come from His goodness and His love. May we use it well for His Glory Name.

While I brought wine that represents the blood of Jesus Christ shed for us. We are asked to always choose to love and to forgive even when we are hurting.

The outfit for all the minister is black and white. Since white is so not my fave colour, I had a difficult time to choose what to wear. Hence, it was quite an effort to look for this dress. It was my best friend first whose wear this dress and then I ask her where to buy. It is convenient for me to buy because they provide fast and good services. Even if they have to ship from Indonesia to Singapore, the shipping fee is still considerably cheap with 2-3 days working days.

Here are some #ootd photos wearing Fig Dress in ivory. This may not a fit dress but I love the cutting, material and the design are just nice. Am planning to alter the dress a little bit to fit my body! yey!

#Tips: You could wear the dress for semi-formal/casual event or/and as evening dress. You just have to mix and match your accessories i.e earring, bracelet or statement neckless depending on the event. Even if you just put a simple platform or pump heels, it will give you elegant looks.  Else, statement belt to emphasised the look.

Dress – @bypozo

Earring –@lovisajewellery [They are currently having promotion of 5 pieces for S$25]

Heels –@aldoshoes_sg

Bag – @lolivia.id

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