When I Should Quit My Job ?

As a young person, growth is required. Especially as a newly graduated, it is necessary to keep exploring things rather than stuck in 1 job for a very long time.

I was working for the company for 3 years. It was my first job in Singapore after I graduated. I waited for 10 months before finally I could taste the professional field. Then, I quit my job 1 month before my wedding day.

It is not that I planned to quit. In fact, I should be quitting on my 2nd year of working but because on that year my husband proposed me. Hence, I need to stay for sometimes at least till we are married.

Unfortunately, on my 3rd year of working, I had a situation that required a bed rest for sometimes. 2017 were a year when my depressions strike me terribly. I have submitted my resignation letter twice when I was diagnosed with depression. But my company insisted to keep me and wanted to be with me during the healing process. Yes, that’s how generous they are.

As generous as they are, show must go on. Business will still be business. No excuses. So, after I got better with my condition, my company had finally reliazed that my absence has affecting my performance.

After several meetings – go back and forth, finally they gave me the options which is taking unpaid leave and come back after my ‘business’ done with 1 condition : I need to improve my attendance.

Long-short discussions with my husband, the best decision was to quit my job. Because honestly, I can’t guarantee anything for my absence since my health is unstable. It was a win-win situation between the company and me.

In fact, if I assess fairly, the company was actually not doing well. They have been retrenching people in the past 3 years. Hence, they were unable to offer the employee room of improvement. The aunties include my manager had warned me after my 1st year in the company to find a new job.

Because, they have been on the same job of scope for 25 years and they had no promotions since then. So, as a mother, colleague and friends, they kept suggesting me to explore new jobs. But because I need to prepare my weddings, staying at the same job will giving us more benefit.

So, the reason I quit my job is because it was the right time to move on. Finding better opportunity, explore thousands things out there for growth. As a young person, this is a necessary-step one must make when still single and newly graduated.  Long way to go, better future is awaiting.

Finger crossed! Peace out ;D

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