When God Made Me

Am stuck with few questions when I think of You.

Especially when people could tell exactly when and where they get to know You.

I kept thinking when did I ever fell in love with You ?

I felt that since I was a kid I was there the whole time.

Accompanying my parent choir and for church activities.

As I grew up, I was there in church after school.

Church was always be my playground.

I remember that cry because I had to go home.

When did I ever fall in love with you?

When I moved to another cities,

I love going to prayer room to just simply praying.

Went to chapel every morning.

When I was crying, You were my place to talk to, Prayer room is always be the place I cried.

My songs lists always filled by Your songs.

When did I ever fall in love with You ?

Was that when I resting in a spirit ?

or was I when I cried at that church ?

Even my favorite subject was Catholic Faith

When God ?

I want to know and I’d like to go back at that time when You created me while smiling at me.

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