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It is true that we can’t eradicate all cases of bullying, however, we can do something by sharing your stories. It could be your own experience, from what you see daily or your concern, anything :). By sharing your stories, it equals educating children, adult and parent the cause and effect of bullying itself.

See what this kids do to help someone’s precious life. A thoughtful action.

You can do what Paige do too by supporting us at shop.littleacequeen.com. leaving a message by wearing it daily and wherever you go. Every penny spent, will goes to charity.

last but not least, as a newlywed couple, we are preparing ourselves building a good environment starting from our home. Building a better way of communication and learning to handle a stressful event in life. Because I can’t imagine seeing my kids growing up where love is subtle. Let them see and feel that love is REAL starting from their parents. How are you preparing yourself ? Leave in the comment box below!;)

Your word is life. What you say is what you receive. Because every word counts


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