Treat or Tricks Pre-wedding shoot

It has been such a joy travelling to Bali last June for our pre-wedding shoot. I could not describe how memorable the trip was. The fun we had as a team and the memories me and Lucius held back in 2015. This trip is the highlight of our stories.

Firstly, we both glad to choose the right vendor for our starting point. Moreno photography has delivered such an incredible service from the beginning to the end. Even after the pre-wedding done, we couldn’t believe that this was over. We wanted to never end the journey.

We are a group of 5 people including the make-up artist, stylish and 1 photographer. They are all very talented, professional yet friendly. We had such unforgettable moment during our 5 days stays in Bali. Jumping from 1 side of the Bali to another, wearing the casual outfit to big size tulle gown. It was such an incredible journey that we never forget.

Here’s are tips & trick to get incredible pre-wedding shoot overseas:

1. Choose the right vendor

Do your research prior making a decision. There are so many choices of pre-wedding photographer nowadays from affordable price range up to the expensive. Each photographer company has their own signature. But the most important is the end result must suit your taste and character.  That does not mean, the expensive vendor will deliver a good result and the inexpensive is not. It all depends on your liken.

2. Open communication.

Make it clear on what you want and what you don’t want once you decide the vendor.  During the styling process, it is important, to be honest with your taste and budget. Sometimes, stylish will try to offer you whatever they think is good for you but if you think you are not comfortable wearing it, you must say it. If you need to buy/rent a dress and it’s not meet to your budget, you have to be honest with them so that they can help you find the alternative. Remember, being outspoken is good but don’t be too picky and still trust the stylish’s judgment.

3. Be prepared. 

  • If you are going to overseas shoot, it is better to be extra in your luggage than be little. You don’t want to spend extra expenses just for silly tie or shoes that you forget to bring, right? Make a to-do list prior your flight and make sure that all your needs are already included in your baggage. If your shoot limited to only 1 or 2 days, you have no times to go for a shopping cause the schedule will be tight. Remember to include the little things in your list such as sun-blocked, warmer, slipper, bandage etc.
  • Including preparing estimate budget during the shoot day. This to avoid any unnecessary spending. Make a research if there are places that need to be booked in advance prior shoot. Normally, this place needs a booking fee and the fee varies. Consult with your photographer and if the fee is too high and you are not comfortable, please have them a flag.

4. Be Confident and be yourself and let the photographer guide you. 

Don’t try to be someone else that you don’t recognize yourself at the end. Don’t be bossy during the photoshoot, let the photographer and stylish decide what is best for you. They knew your best angle, you just have to follow their instruction & don’t be nervous.

5. Be excited to try new things. 

Be the explorer for that week. I know that we had seen other’s picture that has an incredible scenery as the background. But, remember the good scenery required a little effort not just for you but to the photographer. So, just do it motto sometimes is required. 😉

6. Be flexible and be positive

Sometimes there are unexpected things happen during the photoshoot resulting a change of plan or could be a change in mood. So, don’t be sad or grumble, just let it be, laugh at it and enjoy the turbulence. Sometimes the most unexpected things happen for a reason so that memories stay there.

Please do check our pre-wedding session in our gallery.

Will pray for your smooth preparation ladies! <3


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