Toughest Soldier

Lord, Today I understand how hard it is to be Your heavenly soldier here on earth.

This answer all my questions this morning, how hard is hard to be Your follower, is it by selling all the things that I have? If this is how to make You happy, show me the right way on this and don’t let the evil one affect me.

But, praising You and declaring Your works even if you don’t feel like it, seems to be the toughest job and require full power effort.  I once lost then I found, but I do it again, when I was found, I am lost again because, I don’t feel like praising You. I don’t get “that sense” when you come and am too confident by saying that You will come and rescue me because You are God with all Your promises.

And now I understand what is hard and how hard is hard to be Your soldier.

Perhaps, to other people, this is nothing but to me this is a life-time battle.

Lord I pray, that you continue showing me Your light and guide me throughout the path. Send me Your holy spirit to guide me throughout even when I don’t feel like praising You.

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