The Significant Motive

I have been sharing my blog in my Facebook page and others platform and a lot of people asking me since when did I blogging.

Well, I started my blog 5 years ago to improve my writing back when I was starting my college in Malaysia. The content originally was about my daily life there and most of it were subjective. It was so-called my private diary. Then, I stopped writing for quite sometimes, realizing that it was not proper way to write a journal.

As I grow up, I entered university in Singapore, I joined in Catholic community (Charismatic Catholic Holy Spirit Indonesia. a.k.a KKIHS) and became active ever since. My faith is growing, my knowledge of catholic is deepen and I started to enjoy serving God with my talent in music. It has been 2 years and a lot of changes happen in my life in the way I see problems and handling the problem itself. Emotionally I am growing and my character is sharpen. With a lot of changes, I became grateful for everything that has happened. Thus, I decided to keep on searching, sharing and believing the goodness of Him in my life.
So, I started my blog again with the intention that I could share what I believe in and what has happened to me with the hope that whoever read my blog are strengthen and given a new hope for whatever they are going through. I do not know what you guys believe in, I do not mean any harm or try to procrastinating in certain ways. If you feel blessed by reading my blog, do share and spread the words.

You could also shared your thoughts and your experiences below. It would be awesome if we could strengthen each other because you do not know what you are sharing happen to give a new hope for somebody else!

PS: The tittle of the blog is named after “Little Ace Queen” its because it represents us-the small creature given opportunity to master of our own life. How we interpret life is how we life day by day.

We are blessed to be a blessing
May you be a blessing today
Have an awesome day!

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