The Prayer of a Sinner

Often, we as a seasonal human being tend to get tired of waiting. The period of looking for a job I guess the most bittersweet moments. Sometimes you may lose hope, sometimes you happy to just simply do nothing & enjoy the rest of the day yet desperately need a job. In this season, I personally often feel discourage, hopeless and pressured and frankly speaking stressed me out. The tendency of running away from reality and looking for a short cut is always there as part of human weaknesses. The losing of ourselves in the search of who we are often make us further apart from God, questioning our faith or even challenging the Creator.
Thank God, surrounded by the right people and express ourselves in the positive way make us(me) able to go through the journey until we(I) find the light. I learned that focusing on the positive things, be honest to ourselves and keep on praying are the important keys to stay humble and patient enduring the trial.
Remember to always come back to God when you are done your “things”. HE is ready 24 hours to just waiting on us to come back and ask His forgiveness. HE will make everything right according to HIS plan and time. Although it may seems hard, but it never as hard as you think it will. He promises us to never fight the battle alone, HE is always with us but HE needs our cooperation to just be still and let HIM works more on us. Thus, HE will make us more than a conqueror in this life.
I was, I am and I will always grateful for the journey and will always continuously grateful for who He is in my life. The suffered not yet come to an end, the process is still on going and I am still learning. Mistakes will be part of it but I trust GOD more to turn the mistakes into a marvelous things.
It is my habit to always try to turn my emotions into anything that may bring messages to other. This time, a poem is a great idea to express my journey.


Be it Unto Me

I have no melodies to sing.

Only a glimpse of words written in my heart, ready to be sang.

Let those words speaks louder,

Be the witness of my love to You

I do not know how much longer do I have to “suffer” in this battle

But I do know Your faithfulness caused me to be in this fight

and Yet You promised me a victory out of this suffering

The eternal joy that lead me to the no longer question of “How much longer do I have to be in it”

and Yes, You shed away of my fear and offer Yourselves as the assurance.

There are some in the form of music since I like music very much. I will try to share it with you another time behind the scene of this music. I wish you to have patient and humility in enduring the hard time in life. GodBless.

We are blessed to be a blessing
May you are blessed!

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