The Gift That are Never Fade Away

Dear beloved readers,
I believe that God has given each one of us talent like singing, dancing, creating music, announcer or speaker etc. There are more talent inside of us that we should try to dig in deeper. If you want to explore yourself with many gifts that God has put in your heart, I believe your life never be dull. I am going to share one of my many gift that God give me.
Since I was a kid, my passion about music is bigger. I was dreaming to be a singer and composer. I didn’t take any music education and honestly I don’t know how to make a song. By the time goes, I never touch my passion about music other than singing. I never had proper lesson for music other than joining choir team in Church and my high school. The rest of the Technic, I only listen to singer who have pure/ natural voices like Beyonce and the feedback from various music talent show. I listen, learn and try to sing like them.
Thanks God, 2 years ago I came to Singapore and joined Charismatic Catholic Holy Spirit Indonesia as part of team praise & worship. My passion about music is alive. I observe and learn from multi-talented people in there. I become obsessed with guitar and wanted to learn basic guitar. I started my guitar with Christians’ songs and within 3 months, I could see the pattern of Christians’ music. Since then, I told myself that to create a music is only a matter of creativity. If I could play with the simple keys and melody, there’s always a music.
Thanks God, through the help from these awesome people, I could started creating my own music thou it is not perfect. Most of the song I create is based on what has happened in my life and what can I take as the lesson from that. Thanks God again, all the music was created by flow.
What I am trying to say is that WHATEVER gift you have, go explore more, see what God can do with your talent to bless others. The talent is a gift and it should not be wasted in everyway, use it WISELY. Never lose hope and keep trying! The talent is just a talent until you brave enough to make others known.
Here’s one of my very own songs that I created last year in less than 12 hours with the help of my friend. The song called “The Untold Story” inspired by my relationship back then but it was too biased and I tried to go with it anyway. What I was trying to say is that we never know what is going to happen with the person in front of you unless we let it flow.
Here’s the lyrics:
The Untold Story by Teresa Churchill
If Everything happen for a reason
I believe we meant for something new
Something that we yet don’t know
Only God who knows
Is this somekind of mystery?
Mystery that together we should solve
perhaps you and I wonder
what would it be
Each day, each night we try to figure out
We walk just as it is
wondering what would coming
would you be mine and I’d be yours
or its only meant for dream
We walk just as it is
wondering what would happen
would you hold my hands
and walk together
or the life begins
with our untold story.



May this be a Blessing for you!
Have a good day!


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