Redang Island

Have you guys heard Redang Island ?

I bet most of you have not. It is located in Kualatrengganu, Malaysia. Lately, Redang island is popular among tourist. It is famous with a wonderful scenery of the sea which blue transparent anad you can see inside the sea. The island is very isolated but don’t worry there are so many places you can hang out over there. They have karaoke and cafes.
So, I went to Redang Island last August with my friends from Singapore. It took 12 hours to arrive in Redang Island. We used bus from Singapore to Kualatrengganu and then from there we rode a ferry to get to Redang Island. the price ? it is inexpensive depending which hotel you wanna stay. Basically, their packages are the same. Anyway, It was long journey. But it payed off by the beautiful scenery which totally natural. Based on some resources, they limit the guests each year to prevent the beach from the dirtiness and amazingly, they also have time when they need to close the island in order to clean the sea. Wow, isn’t it wonderful how they maintain the natural resources ?
So, it is highly recommended for those beach lovers
Here’s some picture from Redang Island. Enjoy the pictures.



After snorkeling




Boy’s room






See the wave ?


This is the place where one of Hongkong’s movie shoot. I forget the name of the movie.



This should be sunrise, but there is not sunrise.



At the ferry waiting for small boat to pick us up to the island






Almost Sunset




So, Highly recommended, isn’t it ? 

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