Weekly Planner/Notebooks – You Matter 2.0

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The impact of brain dump methodology has proven its productivity and effectiveness. What’s different from the first collection is the illustration, updated spaces and adjustable content to suit the theme. The designer choose ginkgo as a representative of singular beauty. The Ginkgo has been a symbol of longevity and of a more profound endurance (As four ginkgo survived the blast at Hiroshima and are still growing today).
Perfect size for a go-to work with a thoughtful design. Beautiful, messy, endurace, progress

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Nb : Photos are for reference, color may vary
Size : 105 x 148 mm (A6 International Size)
Softcover + 40 pages
Full 4c printing
Weekly to-do list for a month
Unique Illustration
Updated habit tracker sheets
Gratitude space
Inspiring stories
Reusable packaging for every purchase

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