The Alchemist

This collection is to introduce the 1st Bullet Journal made in Indonesia. The Alchemist is a collection to represent our journey.

The Alchemist by LAQ
Like a Clay we are all BECOMING
This Collection inspired lot by life stories from #bujolovers how system bullet journal help them managing their life from day to day basis up to managing their work project because of its flexibility.

The Alchemist representing HOPE in the midst of chaos & storm especially after all these pandemic.

alchemist /ˈalkəmɪst/
A person who transform or create something through seemingly magical process

Menjawab kerinduan para #bujo lovers di Indonesia yang merindukan bujo dengan kualitas international dan harga yang terjangkau, kami dengan sangat bangga memperkenalkan produksi pertama dari dalam negeri – THE ALCHEMIST – bullet journal hasil produksi lokal dengan kualitas international. Menggunakan kualitas kertas yang mampu menangani setiap aktivitas gambar dari watercolour sampai dengan Acrylic. Approved & Teruji.

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