Moral of The Story

If you read my post earlier, that is how I interpret life should be. Tirelessly,  I declare that I am beyond blessed. I am given so many talent in art and music. My creativity works whenever there is freedom. If I could use my talent of writing to bless others and make people think and reflect back on themselves to be the best out of them. I would do so. Its never about me, its about how I can open the blind eyes through my works and my talent given.

One of the best feeling above all was some of them share with me that they had experience being bullied and low self-esteem as well. They told me that they also want to write a blog to express themselves. I am thrilled by the responses. For those who read my blog, I pray so that you will be blessed in so many ways.

To appreciate people in their well being is much more important than anything else. To see what you see is something but to see what’s within is priceless.                                                                

And above all these put on Love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.
Col 3:14

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