Marilyn Clarista

If I could describe 3 words for this young lady, it will be strong, courageous and radiant.

If I looked at her as if I am looking at the mirror; back in the early year when I started my journey to follow Jesus. When I fueled with bruises and anger.

Marilyn Clarista

There were a lot of questions inside my mind and the longing to be loved over and over again. I was innocent and knowledge about God is very minimum. But, somehow there was an energy which enables me to keep on looking for healing. Until, someday, God reveal himself to my life and restore everything slowly.

There was a spark inside her that when I talk to her, I feel like talking to God. She is small and young by age. But I could tell that she is mature enough to differentiate what is good and not. She could tell what she needs and what she do not need. She is able and strong enough to stand up for herself and others.

This is a rare occasion where ones in such young age able to stand strong for themselves and follow God the way she follows. But of course, there is always behind the scene where we sometimes missed.

When I listened to her stories, I realized, she is what she is because of her struggle and strong belief in God. Then I remember a teaching about broken ashes. We are who we are because we are made from the broken ashes (Joyce Meyer). She is too another broken ashes which God patiently mold her to become beauty for ashes.

I strongly believe that she will bloom someday, the whole world will know her and her story and thank her for her presence. – Isaiah 61 –

Dear Marilyn, bright future is waiting for you. Keep looking and keep believing.

God bless you always.


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