Heart of Worship

This is the story of our Hearts.

Taking you back where we first met and knew each other. We met at the Indonesian Charismatic Catholic around 2012. It was my first year University here in Singapore. He joined the community 1 year before me as a musician. Later on, I joined their music ministry as singer and worship leader.

When we met, I was single and adore him so much while he was in a relationship. I thought that he will stay long last with his ex because they both were such a adorable couple (Both were petite, talented and pretty/handsome)

But, I guess this is what we called fate but I chose to call it the will of God. He confront us to each other while He make us walk in different path at first. He wants us learn how to love and how does it feel to be loved so that when later we meet each other, we both are ready for His greater purpose.

When we are in relationship, we shared a lot on what happened during that ‘absent’ time. There were so many wounds and broken hearts we experienced from our previous relationships. It taught us a lot to be wiser and mature in love. From there, I begun to see His works of wonder and it does not take long till we decided to married.

As now we are married, I try to recall His good deed in us and contemplate what is His greater purpose ? I see in this field – music, God want to do something so that the love that radiates not only be kept for our own but others too.

Hence, we convince our self to open up our own youtube channel hoping God’s purpose will flow through this channel. May all the listener find peace, joy and comfort! 🙂

Your support is our joy – likes, comment and subscribe! Cheers XD


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