Love is a Language

2 days ago I share these on my IG Stories.


I guess this is a beautiful way of how our leader Pope Francis addressing a controversial issues. I see love and union in these 2 statements. It is no longer asked that Love virtue must be a basis line of every human being. No division should be there if Love is the main language.

In another scenario below, Pope Francis offer a chance for every kids to ask a question. When the time for this little boy to ask a question, he is getting emotional and burst to tear hence almost give up with his question. Out of love, Pope call the boy near him and ask him to whisper the question.

And the question is heart breaker for almost everyone. Watch the full video

In conclusion, there are 2 lessons here. First lesson is learn how to be like this kid, apa adanya (pure and as is). Be brave though scare, be hopeful though fear. Second, let’s learn from Pope Francis, to put Love virtue above everything. Do not easily judge other, point finger other’s mistake. Love without ceasing whatever your religion is. No religion teach us to hate. 

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Let’s back to square one when we were little where no division only love and enjoy companion of others.


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