Journaling and Mental Health

Little Ace queen has finally embarking the journey towards journalling & planner world in order to support mental health movement. We have just released first collection 1.0 Nature on 16 May 2019 and been receiving good responses on the launch. It consists of 4 types of products which you check on our store.

Each journal serves different purposes however our planner & journal focus more on spaces. Each concept & design are essential for brainstorming & mind mapping. Allowing every individual to pour on that creative mind into piece of wonder.

But Why Journal ? Why writes ?

When we write, we release some neuron in our brain which helps to reduce stress.

What are the connection between Journaling & Mental health. Here’s four:

  • Journal helps to connect the dots, the intention mainly not building a habit but much more releasing the information and trying to make sense out of it.
  • Journaling helps  mental clarity, by releasing the overload information or the things that we’ve been thinking about, it empties the mind, allowing allocation of precious resources to problem-solving rather than problem-storing.
  • Journaling tracks your mental growth, For some whose having clinical diagnoses of mental health, their life could be tricky. The condition might appear at differ timing, varies situations and at sudden moment and it hards to track without journaling about it. By writing the what has happened, we able to track our own condition and helps to give the right treatment.
  • The objective journaling is self awareness. By writing down your thoughts and emotions -we practice no self-judgement, you are free to write anything. In addition, having crystal clear of the whole situation and who you are. Eventually, it will leads you to find your purpose.

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