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What do you think about movie ? I think, you will ask a questions like, “Is the movie good?” or “What is the movie about ?” then when you watch the movie, you keep saying that “this movie is not good.” and something like that. But, do you ever ask a question like this “Why are they make this movie?” or “What is the motif?” “Is there any purposes that they want us to know?” Be smart people.
People make a movie definitely have a purpose. Behind the love story or horror movie or whatever, there’s must be an important messages that the producer want to tell to the consumer.
Last week, I went to watched movie with my friends. The tittle is “Take Me Home Tonight”. The movie is not my genre movie but after I watch the movie I feel like motivated by that movie. During the show I catch some wisdom word that related to spirit. Here they are :

1.”You don’t really fail son, you just haven’t really try before you succeed”

2. “We are trying to be different because we are afraid. I’m afraid but I’m already afraid for the whole my life and I don’t want miss my life anymore just because I’m afraid”

Those sentences are really¬†inspirational. I take those sentences and try to apply those messages in my life. The meaning of those sentences is you have to try first before you say you can not do it. Never being afraid if you haven’t try something because if you don’t try first, you might miss that chance and will be afraid for your whole life.
Shortly, every movie has own messages. Try to look at that and find out what is the meaning don’t just watch the movie but you don’t understand what is the aim from that movie.

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