I Can’t Believe

It is too great for me to understand and too little to not believe in it.

How can it be. You chose someone like me.

A shame that covered by Your blood.

Below song represents the heart of the sinners which God has chosen to give Him a great sacrifices of praises. But do note that you, yes you! the one who is reading it. No matter what you do and what you’ve done, you are chosen by the One who great among the sinners. I am the sinners.


In the fall you were there
Grace began before I was aware
The shame too great for me to hide
Covered now because of Jesus Christ

I can’t believe
The price You paid for me
What You did not owe so that I could know You
How can it be
You chose someone like me
To declare Your praise for the glory of Your name

To the one who gave it all
I belong with all my heart and soul
And every gain I count as loss
When I survey the wonder of the cross

You gave Your life upon the cross
To make Your home within my heart
Oh what a faithful God you are
Your praise forever in my heart


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