Humble & Obedience

I’ve been meditating the past few weeks on the word of God as well as another God’s trait  “God You are My King…”

Sometimes, we often hear people or preacher or worship leader praying declaring that God is our King and somehow, it just sounds so right to say and therefore we often imitate those words but not have fully understanding about it.

When I am praying or leading worship, I too often use the word and imitate other preacher not knowing what does it really mean. But recently, I have my own determination to understand what does God is our King really means. To me King is like a fairy tale and does not exist in these modern way.

We do not understand things because we never experience it before so we have zero knowledge. The same thing goes because We never live in the historical era where king and queen exist like in the Historical Drama Korea, we never live in a monarchy system where Queen Elizabeth is the high priest, neither have I been travelled there.  So I have zero experience over it.

So, when I decided to meditate the word of God saying that He is the King, I found that God it is actually want us to refer to us whom we called ourselves as servant (leader) to have the right attitude. Attitude of humbleness and respective. Even though He mentioned in John 15:15 that we are His friend but He also the Royal Highness in Heaven Kingdom. So, we can’t just do/act anyhow according to our will assuming that He will grant favour to every wishes just like Aladdin, eh ? But we must remember He is our King as well.

We have the privilege of God being our father who willing to give up everything for us because we are His children and God as our friends because He has made known everything to one who is faithful to Him. However, we often abuse those privileges by asking whatever things we want and end up being disappointed, mad and think that God doesn’t love us. It is because we often forget that He is the way, the truth and the life whom has the full right and authority to accept or to put on hold according to His will.

This meditation has taught me the true meaning of being obedience and have the right attitude of being humble and respective towards God because I too often abuse that privileges. Being God’s servant requires us to meditating His words everyday and have a revelation of His words in our lives.  This too reminds me when things doesn’t go according to our way and will, they right attitude is to Pray and ask God the grace to be able submit myself to His will and learn to obey His decision just like a true servant.

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