How to Tell Your Significant Other, “You Matter” If You are an Introvert

You Matter? Surely this nice cotton t-shirt will say it to You

Being an introvert means you lose so much energy if you are in social interaction. As well your energy is recharged by solitude. You are mindful, known as a calm person and love living peacefully in a natural environment. You have a ton of vivid imaginations running in your head. You matter as you are an ideal candidate as sympathetic ears for someone who needs to shout out her matters.

Now, you want to spread the love and positive vibes to someone you care. But since you’re born, you are the kind of person who prefers spending most of the time in your comfort zone. Even, a simple chit-chat is something you avoid. Good news, today this post will give you simple tips to handle the situation that often gets an introvert person overwhelmed because of social interaction.

So, you want to say her/him matters to you. What you can do to let your loved one or significant other understand you mean it when you tell them so? Let’s do these steps.

1. Listen and observe

An introvert is really a good listener. You are maybe not comfortable to chat a lot but you love when people talk about themselves. It’s a good advantage because you can observe and notice every detail of your partner. You can build a deeper connection and help your significant other based on her/ his need. Sometimes, it’s not about conversation. It is also about nonverbal cues, like gestures, facial mimic, or the tone of voice. Understanding someone by listening and observing is the fundamental step before you elevate to the next one.

2. Be Empathetic

Empathizing is different from sympathizing. If we feel sad after watching disaster news on mass media, it means we are sympathetic.  However, empathizing shows us to have the same feeling with suffered victims. If you are an introvert as well as an empathetic person, you can put yourself in other’s shoes easily.

In this case, if you want to tell someone matters to you, it doesn’t mean you have to say it. You just do it. You concern a lot with someone’s problem. You do what makes him/ her better. And that’s more powerful in human relationship.

3. Say it with a t-shirt

An introvert person is not a shy person. Its different things. But to express whatever in your mind, you can perfectly tell someone that she/ he matters by written text. You can say it via personal chat, postcards, snail mail, or nice t-shirt with well-written typography on it.

Yeah. It’s time to say it with a t-shirt. At least, this cool t-shirt from Little Ace Queen literally can help you communicate better without speaking. If you know someone you care isn’t in a good condition mentally or physically, the You Matter t-shirt will be so much helpful. At least, better the foot slip than the tongue, right?

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