How to Start Mindful Eating Habit for Beginner

When it comes to food, we all have different relationships with it. But wait, do we know what kind of relationship we have with food? Have you ever felt sick or instantly sleepy after eating some carbohydrate like white rice or pasta? Do you think that is healthy?  

Well, it is important to be aware of how different foods make you feel. After a while, you notice the before and after between what you eat and how it makes you feel and it triggers your will to improve your eating habit.

Forever Young Enterprise just sent me a package of organic Pasta and the plan was to alternate between daily lunch and weekend food with their bunch of good pasta. So, maybe you are just starting your new eating habit or you are struggling in finding a way to choose which organic food, here are my 4 tips which could be your lifehack when it comes to mindful eating habit:

Raw Ingredients Matters

I finally realize that raw ingredients matter, Perfect Earth Food Organic pasta is made of organic rice flour and water only which are gluten-free and vegan friendly. This pasta makes you full but not overly full as compared to the normal pasta which is made of wheat flour or eggs and often makes us feel full in different ways and sometimes can be bloated.

Health Benefits

Perfect Earth Food comes with different types of Pasta with different health benefits to offer such as black, brown & red rice offer nutritional profile which they have great sources of fiber, vitamin B, calcium, iron and zinc, selenium, magnesium, manganese, and other nutrients. Therefore the Ministry of Health Singapore encourages citizens to eat Black, brown, and red rice to prevent diabetes.

Plenty of Choices to choose from

Perfect Earth Food comes with 2 variants of organic pasta and Organic Chia Seed Pasta with 4 types each like Brown, Red, White, and Pad thai. My husband and I love the Pad thai organic pasta, the texture is soft like Chinese kwetiau and it is gentle to our tummy. When it comes to healthy food, it is better to try a few different kinds so that we know which one we like and which one we don’t.

Process Matters

Last but not least, how they process the pasta makes a difference. Perfect Earth Food Organic Pasta does not come with preservatives, which make it even healthier. I heard stories on how normal rice is being processed and it scares us a little bit. While the price of organic rice is pretty high, you can get Perfect Earth Organic Pasta at an affordable price.

Chia Organic Pasta

If you are wondering about Chia Pasta, here’s a small tip, where chia seed itself is one of the superfoods, they decided to add into the process of making the rice pasta. With its high fibre content, it aids in digestion and for the body to balance insulin levels. More benefit to offer maybe ?

Perfect Earth food is produced in Thailand soil where it is well-known with certified fallow soil in a way that goods for the farmers. The products are certified organic by USDA Organic and ECOCERT. It is Gluten-free, Allergen free, GMO-free, suitable for Vegan, and also Kosher Certified.

So, what could go wrong with good soil landmark ? Start having a healthy relationship with your own food today. 

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This article is sponsored by Forever Young Enterprise. However, all opinions regarding the mattress are truthful.

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