How Social Media Affect Her Body Image

A touching sharing from our dear @marilynclarista 😘
Self-care. Easy to understand. But friggin hard to do. It’s to love yourself basically – all your flaws and baggage, your failures and your weaknesses.

As a female, improving my body image is really hard. What with social media always shoving it in my face that there’s always a certain body type that is ideal. “You should just stop letting the media influence you or even stop using social media.” Easy for you to say, pal.

I’ve slowly learned to just focus on my worth and what God thinks of me. But when the devil hits home, I feel ugly, really ugly. What I’m learning though is, don’t feed it.

Don’t wallow in the negativity, don’t keep on scrolling through celebrities Instagram when you’re feeling like this. I’m not saying you can’t.

If you are at your best and you use it as motivation, then go right ahead. I once printed Candice Swanepoel’s photo and posted it in my bedroom so that I would be motivated to go to the gym. That’s positive.

But once you think “gosh I’ll never be like her, gosh why does my belly look like jello and hers is as flat as a pancake?” That’s starting to be toxic. Perspective, everything is about perspective.

This journey is a long one and it’s not gonna stop anytime soon. Maybe my battle now is about being comfortable in my own skin.

But if I don’t focus on the root and weed out all those negative thoughts, I would be fighting the same battle over and over again. So, I promise to fight to love myself.


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