How Journalling Change Your Life

A lot of people do the journaling for different purposes. Some people will do it to help them comprehend their dream and their plans for the future. Some others would like to find the outlet for the creativity, and others might see it as a tool to help them develop themselves. What they don’t realize is there are some benefits of journaling for mental health as well. And if you’re new to journaling, you’ll be surprised.

  1. Journaling is therapeutic
    When you have a serious problem in your life, you tend to talk to a close friend to release the burden that you hold. When you don’t have a friend around, you can simply transfer this burden into a piece of paper by making your journal. Both talking to a friend and writing down your stress on the journal have the same therapeutic effect where you feel the burden you have lessen. But When you write down, it is automatically work on a solution by accepting the problem thru writting. Sometimes acceptance is the solution.
  2. Journaling Heals
    When you experience stress, your body will actually react to your mental condition. And the journaling will help the healing by eliminating the blockage. The doctors and researchers have found that keeping a journal can make significant progress on the conditions of the patients who suffer from either physical or mental problem. It almost equals to have a better understanding of ourselves, When you force yourself to write every day, you automatically become more aware of your thoughts. And self-awareness is one of the most important skills that predict career success.
  3. Journaling enhances memory and communication skill
    When you do the journaling, you automatically do the storing information twice. First, in your mind, and then you transfer it into the writing form. Both activities will make you a good person at storing particular information in details.
    By journaling, you also unconsciously try to put your thoughts in a good order. And this ability will make you better in communicating your ideas or knowledge. In fact, one of the benefit is you can become a better persuader. Because when you write, you are actually persuading yourself of your ideas and knowledge.
  4. Journalling makes you a better decision maker and improves your self discipline.
    People are often to jump a decision and when it comes to why, often they are like a dumb founded. Hence, by dumping all your thoughts in a journal, you are pulled into a decision making process so that you become more aware of your why. So many people do not realise it but Darius Foroux, writter of 5 books with his best seller book in amazon, shared his expriences in writting. By writting, the goal is not an habit but self discipline, because you write it with intent not “used to it” attitude.

It is clear that benefits of journaling for mental health are a lot. And after reading the passage above, you’re getting convinced, aren’t you?

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