Healthy Friendship

Friend is one of life-materials. Be it you are at 30, 40, 50, friendship is there. Many are looking for genuine friendship, some do not believe in friendship. And they choose to distant themself which I think does not matter.

Genuine friendship is built overtime. It does not happened in a blink of an eye. I have had few broken friendship in the past because I was too naïve to believe that everyone can be a best friend.

So, everytime, I built a friendship, it will end up with either betrayal or being made fun of which affecting my self-esteem. Therefore, as times goes, I became picky of whose I want to be closed with.

I met these girls plus one who’s not in this picture, about 8 years ago in collage. I never have thoughts that I want to be close with them back then. I had extreme low self-esteem due to past experienced and have never been confident to be around them.

They were very cheerful, easy going and active in collage. I could not remember how we get close, it just happened. They consistently invited me for lunch together, went out for movies and strolled around the city of Kuala Lumpur.

Experience lot of thing with them. We talked a lot and I remembered how I felt back then – I feel accepted and positive around them. They are honest, supportive and open-minded. Sharing common value and it makes me feel safe around them.

Up until, Last month, on #anditerebeginagain wedding day, they are still the same. Provide us endless support and joyfulness around us. Nothing can beat their laughter when they are around.

Bridesmaid dress by @malvadress

Make up by @vinanathalia_mua

Flower crown by @j.fiori

Bridesmaid flower @j.fiori

Photo by @axioo


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