Happy Graduation!


Happy graduation! Finally you guys are are made it. After 3 sweat years. Congrats! We have passed 1 stage of life. Now, times for us to choose which way we want to live in, who do we want to be.

I know it’s a little bit cheesy to write this on my blog. But, I got nothing to give other than my time and what I think I do best. As we go forward with our life, choose carefully what you want. There’s so much good things world to offer, be wise to choose but never limit yourself. Take chances, be wild, explore new things and be responsible for it.
I would say, life is demanding- but we don’t have to be that kind of person. Take your time and don’t follow the world-be crazy, be unique and original. Find yourself and never forget where you come from.
It has been the ups and down journey with our friendship. We started by saying Hi in the middle of the road became assignments’ buddies and through the times here we are- become good buddies and slowly be the one that I would cherish and invest my life to just share things.

Now, we will have to go separate way to live our own life, but I assume that does not mean we stop here, rite? Let’s grow old together, catch things up and find our way. Let’s talk over tea time in somewhere we enjoy together. hahaha. I am waiting on that moment!!

Just few moments below. Good times. good companion. Thanks for bringing the best out of me. It was a blessed night to spend with you all and your family and also meet new friends. It was awesome! 

Someone took 10 pieces of this choc!

Meet new friend – Michelle




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