Glimpse of Courage

A little courage to begin again.

The courage to start something new.

The nerve to dream again.

The year when I met You.

I listened to You carefully.

Waited for You patiently.

Every move I make, I made in You.

Looking for an answer.

Then, I remember.

Today is the day that You are going to fulfilled Your promise.

The day has come and You will make all things new.

“A Little Courage with a glimpse of Hope”

My prayer tonight:

Thank you Lord for showing me Your mercy, Your justice, especially Your endless love towards me. For this little hope for a future. I believe that You are going to deliver what ever You have promised me to have because You are the God who stay true to Your words. Above all these, all I ask is that make me a humble person as I receive Your countless blessings.

With Love,

Your most lovely & Your spoiled daughter on earth. 🙂

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