Getting Dressed When You’re Depressed

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I didnt know dressing up brings healing. Back when I was encountering the unbalanced mind, I lived a zombi life.

Woke up • Get ready while ensuring I didn’t get left behind by the bus • Hop on to the MRT and catch another bus to the office. (what a life :D)

I didnt put so much thoughts on how i looked on those days. As long as it loose fit, no jeans, no tshirt am good to go. Dress was my best friendly outfit for the office.

The look on my face was terrible. I did not wear make up so people were commenting on how tired i looked or how dull my face was.

Recently, am updating my personal page on instagram as part of my mission. The mission is to keep 10% going everyday. It includes wake up • bath up • dress up • show up. This process helps me to get up in the morning & give a sense of purpose daily.

After consistently doing the mission for over a months, I realized that the point of dressing up when depressed :

It is the art of respecting yourself.

I respect myself by getting a decent hair, face & body – I take my time in the shower & dress up when at home. I put the body balm & cologne to lift the mood while imagining myself greet guests to the living room.

It is however depression produces low mood and people who are on depression tends to lay unnoticed. They ponder between staying in bed or going out for a walk.

If you choose to go for a sun walk, these tips will save your time to get ready and yet still look decent even if you’re home.

Oversized Tshirt, Baggy Tops
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Baggy Tops

First tip, street style or basic look. It includes oversized tshirt or cropped shirt. Then pair them with any types of bottoms such as denim, high waist, skirt or loose pants. Grab your favorite tote bag, backpack or sling bag to complete the look. You are set to go.

Jumper/Sweatshirt & Biker Short

Biker short is a skin tight garment match with Jumper of Sweatshirt to create a chic & edgy daily look. This is a new fashion trend. Put on your favorite sneakers, small armpit bag and tie your hair up to give a fresh look. Or level up your look with pointy heels or block heels and hairs down if you have to go to some formal place. Then, you are set for the crowd.

Lounge wear

It is currently on high demand. Every fashion brand/labels now must have at least 1 collection of lounge wear ever since a pandemic. It is the most casual clothes made for relaxing & laying around. It used to be PJ and sweatpants. Now, they make it fashionable lounge wear. Check this brand! you’ll love them!

Complete these 3 looks with less accessories and you can always welcome wearing a slipper or any comfy shoes.

The process of dressing up is a process of healing. It means you are being attentive to your own needs. It is true that to wake up everyday & going out we need a pill call courage. If you are reading this, I want to salute you & thank you for walking up to this far! You Are Amazing!!

When you are in that loop again, please remember & read this out loud!

You may get depressed/clutter on your mind but you are too precious to not taking care of your self.

Keep fighting & Never Give Up!

Let me know when you decided to dress up on one of your crappy days and tell me how do you feel when you are actually doing it.

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