We are a humanity journal diary. We focus on self-awareness, social issues and sharing lifestyle.

We value words to build someone’s else life and respect everyone’s journey regardless big or small.

We aim to increase quality of life through the power of words we say. We believe that the words we choose to say daily could be one of major contributor in building our quality of life. Embracing every matters, embracing every feeling, embracing every struggle with the right attitude, we aiming to empower across generations of age and occupations to live a life to the fulness.

We educate through various media platform such as articles, podcast and Stationery product such as notebook, planner, etc in our shop section. In the future we will build a journal online sections for those who wants their story be heard.

We also love working with many inspiring people and we believe you are one of them. If you want to inspire other together with us, feel free to drop us an email with subject coffee talk arrangement. We looking forward to sit with you <3

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