How To Cope In Difficult Moment : You Matter

Yes, I matter. You matter. So does everyone

Good people sometimes feel they are ‘bad’ people. Because they are insecure and guilty about something happened in the past. They have a bad perception of themselves. Questioning many things including: do you matter or not?

We’ve been there. Experiencing the dark feeling that makes us vulnerable. Even though you know that you deserve to get a better life, there always something that gets you sucked in negative emotional spiral. There’s no secret formula to erase all the painful moments we’ve had. At least, these tips hopefully a bit help you empower yourself.

3 simple things to cope with any difficult moment.

1. Abandon the destructive thoughts

Every human being has a choice to believe the thoughts. If you believe the destructive thoughts, you’ll get suffered. But if you simply don’t believe the thoughts, actually your life will be much better.

2. Take a step backward

There’s nothing wrong with constructive retreat. You can keep calm and take a deep breath. Enjoy your present by doing something you love. Stop thinking whatever disturb you at the moment.

3. There always a silver lining after the storm

Instead of burying yourself in darkness. You can tilt your point of view by observing the life of other people. Everybody hurts. But not everybody can analyse the problem and strive to get out of it. Be grateful for everything.

Nobody wants to feel that way. But when you’ve ever lived with that too much sadness, frustration, dark feeling, and anger, whatever it is. You know you are not alone. At least, you know you’ve got your own problem. And let’s face it mindfully.

After your life shifted to the better corner. Remember, there always be anyone that still surrounded in the dark feeling over time. Maybe someone around you. She might be your friends, she might be your family or someone you just realize by now how close the connection between both of you.

Empowering Other

As we are human, a social creature that always tends to do interpersonal communication, the simplest words mean everything. Being an empathetic person is also worth doing especially to help someone feel better about life and herself.

The problem is not everyone has the courage to tell others at a deep level of personal relationship. Even it’s funny to see how much noise in social media. About people seeking attention to others on the internet about their problems, while the solution actually can be solved in real life.

So, make sure you can help your loved ones. Break the silence. Whether you can support by listening to them with full-hearted attention. Even it’s just a smile without words. Or it’s just a piece of t-shirt with written text saying “You Matter“. These mean a lot to save their life. To let them feel empowered.

Little Ace Queen presents a beautiful gift with a strong message: not the usual item you can find in the market. It’s a remarkable yet powerful words. Bring “You Matter” t-shirt for your loved ones. Let them know you seriously care.

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