I talked about bullying few moments ago on my IG Stories. I was asking the condition of bullying in Indonesia.

I was once bullied and I could still feel the side effect of the bullying till now. Therefore, I have a heart on this topic and willing to help with this platform. 😀

There are 4 types of bullying based on few articles I read online :

  • Physical (Hitting, Tripping, Hair Pulling, Breaking someone’s things intentionally etc)
  • Verbal (Threats, Hurtful comments, teasing, etc)
  • Social (Spreading rumours, excluding others, telling other kids not to be friends with someone, etc)
  • Cyber (Mean text, rude comments on social media, pranks calls, etc)

I might be wrong but if you happen to like watching western reality show, the culture of bullying seems common among the kids and it could reach to the most extreme level. By seeing it, often it gets me a mixed feeling. However, am not sure in Indonesia, which type of bullying does it occur often ? (Please leave it in the comment box below :))

As social media is now the rising topics, kids are easily exposed to it, it could be that the number of cyberbullying in Indonesia is increasing (?) There are also cases of misuse social media platform that could lead damage to the person. It’s kinda sad and terrifying at the same time.

But!! there are no such bad human being.

It is their behaviour that we object not the person.

They do what they do because they have never seen or/and even experienced heartfelt kindness in life.  

It is true that people say, kindness is a medicine and it is contagious. 

One act of kindness can leave a lifetime mark even change life.  

– To be Cont- 

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