Bridezilla or Bridecincaillia ?

There are 2 types of brides. One who is going to be Bridezilla and another one is Bridecincaillia ^,^ Meaning one is very controlling and easily stressing over things and the other one is who is take it easy and let it all go with the flow. It is up to the couple which one they want to be on the day.

So I choose to be in the middle. HA! You name it what does it call and leave it in the comment box below! If you can’t name it then let me give you a trick.

First and foremost, choose the vendors wisely, you can imagine what kind of vendors you would like to work with. I choose vendors who are understand my needs and wants. My needs was documented whole process of wedding and driven by hearts and passion. My wants knowing my angle and be creative at the same time. ;D

We did a research on the vendors before hand and contemplate whether this is the best decision. By asking God and what is His will, we made our decisions. Yes, we commit our ways to God because it is His banquet. He has the masterplan! We do not want it ruin, right ? 🙂 Anyway, we did not decide vendors all at once, it was step by step. We made mistake though along the way.

Because we care too much on the beginning, we did not think thoroughly. (This is what happen when you do not follow God’s instructions 😉 ) We made a deal by depositing our DP with a video vendor because he was so convincing, friendly and the portfolio not so bad. However, later on, we found out from our friends that this vendor’s attitude is a little bit bossy and too much on the talking.

Well, we did not expect this, but God is so gewd. We discover a vendor coincidently. Initially, they are our pre wedding vendors, but, because of our friendship, we found that their price is still close to that vendor. We just have to top up a bit and we get a topnotch vendors. Good friendship, reputable name in the industry, amazing portfolio, good attitude and most importantly driven by passion and worked previously with them, you get what you need and wants! 😀

So, you just have to sit back, relax and follow their instruction for good angle and voilaaaa! Magic done right !  😀

Hence, by choosing the right vendors, you do not have to be worry how the result will turn out. You just have to leave it to them and they know what to do.

Here’s our wedding day video in Singapore taken by the talented and passionate @Agungkurniawan @morenophotography. I must say that they have delivered excellent services for the past 2 years.We feel well taken care of, we don’t have to feel afraid on how our photos and videos will turn out (literally because we trust them so much). Mreka kerja nya ga ribet dan cepet.

We believe in 20 years later, we’ll still smiling on the videos knowing that our innocent love well-captured by one and only @morenophotography . Thank you so much. Many more events with them coming.

Thank you Ci Jo, BanBan, Agung, Nina, and all the behind the scene of mOreno Staff

Thank you for making our a life time moment worth while

We love you so much! <3


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