Beyond Feeling, Greater of All

I had a thanksgiving celebration for my graduation. and Yes, I am officially graduating and having a tittle Bachelor of Business (Majoring in Marketing, Management & Entrepreneurship) at the back of my name.
But, the party wasn’t about it which might seemed exaggerated. Instead, it was about my gratitude towards the person who has been supporting me since 2 years ago. I came to Singapore and struggled to adjust myself with the environment here. Accidentally, when I was searching a church to attend nearby my apartment. I found an Indonesian Charismatic Holy Trinity Community (KKIHS) and with high enthusiasm I emailed the person in charge. Since then, I started my service and be a part of praise & worship team. Thank God until now I still part of the team and considered as an active member.
On my G-Day
Along the way, I was planning  to transfer my university to Malaysia (and even applied already) because I wanted to study together with my others friends so that it’d be easier for me. All the documents were submitted and just waiting for the result. I was in dilemma to make the right decision. There were pros and cons but my biggest concern was I don’t want to leave this community where I feel comfortable and warm at. I was not ready to leave the community and wanted to explore more with this community. Thank God, my gut feeling told me to stay at Singapore with its own struggles.
The love for this Indonesian community required sacrifices like difficulty to find a friend to hang out with, study with and talk with. It was hard and torturing. Luckily I met this a group of people and they are one of the reason I stay here though the age gap is quite a lot (but trust me, they are nice and awesome to talk to). These people from cell groups have helped me in any types of help physically (helping me do my assignments, giving their time, ears and shoulders to hear my complaints), emotionally (helping me to be more mature lady, in handling problems and way of thinking) and also spiritually (praying for me). These people are awesome.
This 2 years has been a great year. Within this short period of time, anything can happen. With its ups and down, I finally graduated with satisfying score, grounded by the right people and at the same time given an opportunity to serve in the community (KKIHS) until now.

This thanksgiving is to remind us that we are united in Christ and any kinds of help has impacts. I truly appreciate their “sacrifices” of time, mind, body and soul to help me reach the goal. I declare and admit that I graduate and obtain this degree NOT BECAUSE  I AM ABLE & COMPETENT instead because of the love for this community and continuously support from this community has enable me to stay strong and humble till the end of my education journey. Therefore, this joyful moments isn’t about me. Let’s make this thanksgiving as OUR THANKSGIVING as a community.

The endless supports also come from my very best ladies in Malaysia and Australia. Since I moved to Singapore, they ALWAYS make time for me whenever I need them (cause I often crying and they worry. how sweet is that? 😉 ). They do always checking on me and asking me whether I am fine or not. They are amazing friends thou we miles apart. Unfortunately, we are at different zone, they can’t attend my graduations but still they send me flowers on my G-Day! Thanks Love.

Not to forget, some of my friends at Singapore whom I met at the very last semester. I couldn’t express my gratitude towards them due to their understanding of me who always make my community as priority. I always try to make time for them but most of the time its always clash. So, I only met them at campus and they play fair. Without them, my last semester won’t be the same! Thank you and good luck! c.u guys soon!

“With a humble heart, I thank each one of you. My journey is still long and has just begun. I ask for a pray so that I’ll be able to get through the journey ahead and always grounded by the love of Jesus.”


Teresa Churchill
‘And beyond all these things put on love, which is the perfect bond of unity.’

(Colossians 3:14)

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