Belajar Bersyukur

Bersyukur senantiasa menjadi kunci┬ákehidupan yang termudah namun tersulit. Suatu anugrah untuk mendapat gambaran tentang kehidupan dalam suatu permenungan. Suddenly, everything make sense. How God works in a very simple drawing. To conclude, a glorious life can be achieved only when we cling in to God’s presence at all the time.

The question is, have we involve God in our daily life or are we depend on our own strength?

I too still reflecting on these lessons.

Short Prayer

Lord, I know it is hard to be obedient in Your will. But I know for sure it is worth more than million dollars. Help me to do it by Your grace only to be obedient and to trust You at all times (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

Daily reflection

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