Be Still, Know I Am Here

A few days ago, I was starting my blog again. Since then, I am addicted or perhaps the right word is “Inspired” to write more about life. Life is something skeptical which each individual has their own perspective. At the very young age of mine, I have seen a lot my friends who is growing up and looking for what they really want in life and someone who has already knows what they really wants. Each of them are unique and we can’t tell which one is the right one. Everything is depend on us and what kind of life we want to have.

Honestly, I am lucky enough to grow up in the family who is led by powerful person. My dad has gone through life for almost 60 years with its ups and down. His teaching pretty much hard to accept at the very young age. When I was a kid, there’s a lot pros and cons about his teachings about the value of life. So often, he reminds me and my other siblings to live a life with meaningful stories. I was not able to accept what does it mean and even thinking that it was just a non-sense.
However, as I growing up, I have watch people surround me live a life in such various ways. I starting to questions myself “What am I going to do with my life?” “what kind of life I wanna live on?” At certain point, I don’t wanna live a life in a just life. I wanna be something. I wanna be something different. All these years, I have been on the edge of life. I have been on the side where people looked down on me, where people don’t trust me, where I have no one to accept me for who I am. It was few years ago. But how I am going to live my next life in a special way?
I am here not talking about money. Let’s put aside a thought of money. Well, for most of us, money is everything but have you ever thought that money is just a complimentary? That does not mean that we do not need money but life is so much more than just money. If we focus on the money, we might have missed the great things of life, the fun thing about life. Everyone deserves a good life after all.
Since I came to Singapore 2 years ago and decided to commit myself in serving Him, I begun to understand a little about myself and what kind of life I wanna have. I begun to study holy bible and getting deeper relationship with Him as I serve him through my daily life. I started to appreciate the little things people do for me. I started to learn be thankful in EVERY circumstances. Slowly, I validated what my man says.
I begun to understand the meaning of life that he was talking about. For me, I want a life that can touch other’s people heart and inspired them through everything that has happened and is happening in my life. I learn that kind of life that is not selfish and I believe that kind of life God wants us to live. That’s not easy to live a life that God wants us to live. Even harder to know what kind of life God wants us to live. But God always says to me whenever I get weary on the journey to “Be still and know I am God”

That’s it? yes, that’s it, it is short but if we truly mean it, it is such a powerful statement. Just recently, a few hours before I started writing my blog, I was in the middle of “busy life” which is just laying down, watching movie and eating biscuit while waiting for a good news. At first, I thought I am going to feel relax but just by doing that I felt so much restless and tired. Then, a small voice from my heart told me to switch off all things like phone, laptop and light and switch on instrumental music and closed my eyes.

In the darkness and quietness of the night, I feel the presence of God saying “Be thankful, do not be afraid, your life is safe with me. Come to me who are labour and burden and I will give you rest” And at that very moment, I started to being thankful for EVERY LITTLE thing in my life. With a peace of mind and heart, I started to just enjoy the moment and begin to have conversation with God secretly about what kind of life that He wants me to have for the next 5 or 6 years. Pour out my worries about my career, partner of life and my family, the answer of all questions is JUST “Be still, Know I am God” I am still satisfied anyway. Then, I just smile and says Thanks God. Again I am renewed in spirit.
My point is that, there is no point worrying our life and the little things in it. To have the life that we desire on like being rich and have a good life ahead is definitely something valuable for most of us. But what if we move our focus to live an unselfish life? could you imagine that the world will become a better place? Even your life will not be boring. The journey is hard, but God promise it will worth it because in everything you do, there is always a reward and it will not be vain. If we live a life as God wants us to live, there is no room for jealously. Everyone will live a happy life. Everyone deserve a happy life! Draw near to Him, Be still and know that HE is the God who can do ALL things more than you could imagine.With Him all things possible! Believe it and see what happens! 😀
We are blessed to be a blessing
May you are blessed!

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