“Every love story is beautiful but ours is the favorite”

is enough to describe everything about us. Everything miraculous. Starting from how God work in our individual till we are ready to be united. It is always in my heart that I wanted to share my love story because I believe that this relationship is not my own will but His will. Therefore, I have no rights to keep it for myself but to share what God has done for us, through us and in us as an inspiration.

There is one thing that I believe when I say “I want to be his girlfriend” is we are meant to be a blessing for others especially for the young. But, at the beginning, we were unsure on how about to do what God has put in our heart. Unlike any others couple, in the very beginning of our relationship, we have gone through some of the most difficult time. Serving God in the ministry has taken most of our time, add on the duty and responsible for work and also has to maintain our relationship. Career was on the line, no longer desire for happiness and little time to nourish our relationship. I was worried and mad deep inside, but I learn to trust that God is working when we put His ministry as priority.

Until one day, I was given up due to my depression and anxiety attack getting worst. We admit that it was the most difficult time for me and him. Our genuine love was tested and we were taught of what’s the meaning of true love. It was the most touches moment ever from God in the very beginning our love story.

Here’s are some picture taken by @stories.withryanchia  to cheers our journey being together


01 - Lucius & Teresa-1.jpg 13 - Lucius & Teresa-12.jpg 15 - Lucius & Teresa-15.jpg                                    24 - Lucius & Teresa-24.jpg11 - Lucius & Teresa-10.jpg

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