Am Capable: Why I Quit My Last Job as a Superwoman

Am Capable Of Doing Many Things, But Why I Am Still Not Happy

A new mother managed to work a full-time job. To do a mother’s role and activate multi-tasking mode-on every day. Struggling to accomplish her duties as a perfect mother, wife, chef, manager, teacher, artist, storyteller, friend, and many more.

She is so tired and needs to take a break. Her feelings are numb and disconnected. She lives in an illusion that she has to conquer many things to be valued and appreciated. She thinks that she will get love if she is perfect in every aspect of life.

She always tells herself that “Am capable of being a wonderful mother for my kids. Am capable of doing full-time jobs and social life. Am capable of being a multi-tasking job for everything. Am capable of being Martha Stewart, Marie Kondo, and Kate Middleton at the same time.”

Sounds familiar? Or it’s you that experience this situation?

It’s called superwoman syndrome. A syndrome that makes woman thinks that she’s empowered if she can do many things. But honestly, it’s the wrong perception.

You have to stop being a superwoman. You know that in your deeper soul you are cautious with it all. You don’t know how to restart because you feel overwhelmed every day. It’s time to measure your own power and keep maintaining your sanity.

Am Capable of Becoming the Genuine Version of Me

Here’s what I do after I realize that I should stop being a superwoman.

  • Work smarter, not work harder.
  • Not afraid to say NO.
  • Finish the priorities first.
  • Switch off the smartphone.
  • Keep the tasks do-able in a reasonable deadline.
  • Feeling overwhelmed? Take a break and slow down.
  • No procrastinating.
  • Declutter and reorganized.
  • Don’t be shy to ask for help.
  • Love myself, whatever I am.

I am enough. I don’t care with other people judgment, it’s no longer disturb me.
All I need is being myself that I am capable of. The only me. I am not superwoman.


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