All You Need to Know About the Real Value of Words in Our Lifestyle

Creating Valuable Communication as Part of Lifestyle

You may have heard about the statistical analysis that an individual uses about 16,000 words a day. Yeah, it’s such a lot of words. In our lives, we use words to communicate based on our lifestyle: written or spoken. From random chit-chat to serious speech on the podium. From a handwritten graffiti to a super thick encyclopedia in the library. They are consist of words.

We talk about the value of words now. Like a coin which has two sides, the word does too. As we communicate to someone, each of words plays a significant role to deliver meaning.

The value of words cannot be measured by the number of words we use daily. You don’t need to talk much. It just not work that way. Every word that carefully chosen in the right time and in the right context, comes out with valuable meaning. Although it is merely one or two words. Sometimes it can uplift and empower others.

The words become valuable and precious because they can do magical things to our hearts. For example, they may help you to heal your broken soul. They can empower a girl in a remote village to get a higher education. They can turn a frown into a wide smile and laugh on a toddler’s face. They can unite the heart of husband and wife in a long distance relationship.

Meanwhile, the undervalued words come out because people talking without thinking about the impact. These words can be a sharp knife to stab our heart. They may wreck your feeling too. You can get a stressful day because someone saying something that makes you uncomfortable. You can see someone’s life destroyed because of cruel words. That’s it.

In a nutshell, we would like to say that words have an important role in our lives. You don’t have to be a wordsmith to understand the value of words. Just use them mindfully in the right context in good lifestyle.

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