A Fruitful Meeting

We are all longing for someone to share with and walk with -in the journey. Even president have their consultant to give them necessary advice for their actions.

I was too lucky to have met this whom I dearly respected “Om Nes”. I was lost and went treatment for panic attack and depression. I was incapable to heal spiritually on my own and I had lost passion and interest in many things especially in serving God.

Entitlement had pushed me to the limit and I was unable to cop up with the pressure really well. As a result, I was diagnosed for panic attacked and depression. I didn’t know where and who can help me. I was helpless and hopeless and hence I took some anti-depressants to help me release my physical pain. (Yes, it was till that bad)

But, someone introduced me to this awfully awesome person in this entire universe (Ha ha ha. am being exaggerated) – Om Nes.

Lucius.Me Ci Susan. Om Nes. Ko Leo

I went for consultation with him in Jakarta. By the way, he is a doctor too in Indonesia.


After that first meeting with him, I was surprised with the power of prayer. He knows it even before I told him everything. Yes, it was scary at first but he told me all the root caused of all it. Too much for the first meeting and feeling puzzled. But, when I back home, I contemplate what he was saying.

It was through a process till I decided not to take medicine anymore. It was difficult but I have to fight the depression effect on my body. As a replacement, I injected word of God to my body, mind and soul. I was devastated to heal and feel God presence again in my life.

Thereafter, Om Nes keep contacting me and asking my conditions. Ci and Ko Sule too!! A lot of encouraging words came from his advices, I was enchanted and feel alive again (Ok – a little dramatic.Ha Ha Ha)

But, Yes, God has prepared a good plan for my future and I can conclude through every trial and sickness I ever been through He is still faithful to me. He provides me a spiritual guidance. He gives me a new hope so that I can see brighter future ahead through His eyes.

So much I want to share what I’ve got with this awesome person. But, I always believe there is always a time for everything. So, someday, someway and somewhere I will share the whole complete story.

But for now, I would like to thank om Nes for the journey companion along with the cicik and kokoh Sule for helping me and guide me though am pretty much stubborn in the outside. 😉 He he he he

Not to forget for my loved one, thanks for being there when I need it and through the whole process. Lot more to come and through Christ we are able! Love ya!

Love you both! Thank you for being my blessing in disguise

Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

New Hope is being offered, a brighter future is awaiting.

God Bless and cheer up!

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