5 Powerful Word to Encourage People

Say these 5 words everyday to spread more happiness in a workforce, home and in public area.

Do You Believe The Power of Words?

I always believe that when we have a positive manner and behaviour, people around us actually can feel it. That’s why I also believe that happiness is contagious through the power of words. From this point, I want to give you an idea of how to spread the goodness and positive vibes to others in shortcut but effective way.

I say this method is a shortcut because you don’t need to talk much or teach other people with how to reach happiness theory. It’s starting with simple words when meeting someone. Let’s check it out!

  • “I’m happy to see you.”

This words can be the beginning if you just start to greet someone. It works best to show your positive attitude as the bait to the next conversation and interaction.

  •  “I believe in you.”

It’s a shortcut to boost anyone’s confidence and make them feel better about them. Everyone has self-doubt inside. By truly saying “I believe in you”, you can help them to remove that self-doubt.

  • “I’d like to hear your thoughts about…”

Spread the positive vibe by saying that you are interested in their thoughts and opinions. People love to know that someone thinks that their ideas matter and worth it. It can improve their self-worth and increase their happiness. The feedback will create a good feeling for you too.

  • “Tell me more.”

It is a kind of words to show that you are listening to what they’ve said. You seem to have an interest in that topic so you want to know more by telling them to continue saying their ideas. It. create a good feeling.

  • “Thank you.”

I believe that saying the power of words will give a powerful impact on everyone. This is a universal phrase but if you truly say this with meaning to someone that already help you. They’ll appreciate and have a good impression on you.

Try these 5 magic words and see the result in a month! Happy being happy all ! Cheers 😀

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