5 Habit of Balance Life

Living in a crazy world today is not easy. You often finding things, people, and circumstances that may lead you to stress every day. Consider these tips for mentally well so that you may keep yourself sane in an insane world.

  • Self-Respect
    Do yourself a good treatment. Be kind and respect yourself. Self-critics might be needed some times. It shows that you are not a selfish person who only cares for your own individual belief, but don’t be too hard to yourself either.
  • Take good care of your body
    Eat well, sleep well. Your body needs nutritious food intake. Avoid cigarettes and liquor that may endanger your inside organs. Do the regular exercise, since it can be the way to release tension and stress. And, get enough sleep. Lack of sleep will reduce the effectiveness your brain work.
  • Do good for others Involving yourself in a charity activity, for example, is good way to stay mentally healthy. Give a little help for someone else is just a good way to get good mood. By sharing what you have with those who really need, you will get a great relieving feeling.
  • Dealing with stress
    As the citizen of the world, you should understand that stress has been a part of life to get through. You can never avoid it, since it’s inevitably attached to the life itself. All you have to do is try to learn how to manage the stress through any kind of media you know. Or ask for a help of expert if it is necessary.
  • Smile and laugh
    Researchers show that people who smile and laugh more often are those who have stronger immune system. Smiling and laughing will also ease your pain easily, relax the body, and even it may reduce the stress level.
    Let’s be healthy inside and outside with those tips for good mental health above.

Taking care of yourself is never over rated.

Happy Mental Health Day


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