1 Year Old

So, this week is a little bit tight. Not enough sleep and lot of sacrifices need to be made. One of it is my sleeping time. But, it does not bother me at all. As long as, I do the things that I should do and I am feeling that accomplishment, it will dispel all the laziness and

Feeling great for the whole last week because get to celebrate Lucius’s b’day on 24th March 2017 with small friend here in Singapore and attended Catholic Engagement Encounter. So much going on last week but am just gonna to talk about Lucius b’day.

Though, it was hard for me to think of that small surprise but God made is all on time.

After struggling for a few days to plan, I finally found a way to arrange the small surprise for him. The objective is to make him feel loved and special only for that day. Nothing fancy needed or even big surprise party needed.

Since, we are having small gathering on every Thursday night, I was thinking to celebrate with those people because they are the one that me and Lucius close to here in Singapore. So, I asked their help to celebrate with me later on after the prayer meeting.

After much praying and talking to God what can I give to make him special, the Lord finally spoke to me to do whatever things that makes me happy because that what makes him feel happy. It sounds selfish but it does not.  In the earlier our relationship, he has given me so much time, love and sacrifices to take care of me from my sickness – panic attack, anxiety disorder and depression till I recover slowly. So, these little surprises are nothing compares to those days even till now.

I only gave him a cake & flower. But am loving it because it has aesthetically value in it. He understands and supported me because he sees am glowing and much positive energy & attitude whenever I talk about it.

So, I contacted one of the florists in Singapore who is going to be our church florist to help me arrange the bucket flower in a vase and a unique cake.  Both are gorgeous and the surprise went well. Although he was shy to express his feeling, am feeling thankful that the next day he posted it on his instagram with sweet caption below:

lapandi:  I didn’t expect anything from her coz being there with me during my toughest time would be the best gift ever 🙂 thank you @teresachurchill , and would be the last time celebrating birthday as bujang,
Its just a beginning 🙂

It was not me who makes him special but those people who joined us whose make him special in many ways.  It melted my heart and it made my day knowing that he loves it and he appreciates what we have been through together.

To love and to be loved that what makes us today.

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